It’s Friday night, and 3 weeks have passed since I quit my day job. As I sit here at my desk with a glass of red wine, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the journey so far. Although the routine has settled in a little, and I am not all euphoric and ecstatic all the time, on a scale of one to ten I feel like, eh, 17…

Friday night, red wine

Friday night, red wine

It is hard to describe the feeling of joy and fulfillment that floods me every morning when I sit down at my home computer with my morning cup of coffee and know that I have a whole day in front of me that I will spend doing what I love.

When I was busy working for my employer, I thought that if I would get all this free time I would turn the world upside down. It hasn’t happened yet, and mine and my family’s life seem to be normal, the same as it used to be.

Of course, three weeks is not a very long time. When I think back at what kind of progress I would have made working for my employer, I know that 3 weeks would have moved me only a couple of steps forward. Any large-scale project would take at least a few months to complete.

One important change is that I have fewer things on my plate, which allows me to narrow down my focus. Before, I would have a million things to do at my day job, combined with everything else I wanted to work on in my free time. Now, the list of projects is much shorter, and I am able to make noticeable progress on all of them.

Overall, I am convinced more than ever that I have made the right decision. For every day that passes, the level of belief in myself, in that I will be able to build something of value, is getting higher. The results, although still microscopic, show that I am on the right path.



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