Back in June, I put all of my social media efforts into one platform: Pinterest. Instead of spreading myself thin and trying to catch up with all major social networks, I picked one that would, presumably, give me the best return on the invested time.

I initiated a massive attack which mainly translated into me following loads of users. Every day, I would search for potential users to follow, and followed them until I reached the daily following limit that Pinterest has wisely put on this fun activity. Then I would rinse and repeat the next day. This was about 5 months ago.

Over 3 Thousand Pinterest Followers

Over 3 Thousand Pinterest Followers

Did it work? Well, it depends on what we mean by “it”. Starting with around 20 followers back in June, I have now over 3,000 followers. So yes, “it” worked. I have reached my goal of gaining more followers, and I would even say that the results are beyond my expectations.

However, the rapid growth of followers didn’t trigger a rapid increase in re-pins and traffic to my website. I am not saying that it didn’t increase at all, but it didn’t increase as much.

Today, almost every pin that I pin gets repins, compared to 5 months from now, when I had pretty much zero response on my actions. Also, the traffic to my website has increased, and has remained on that increased level even on days when I am not active on Pinterest.

My website traffic increased about 4-5 times, while the number of my Pinterest followers increased about 150 times.

The bottom line? I have to admit that I was disappointed at first. I have painfully realized that there are no shortcuts to building a good quality website traffic. Or, at least, I haven’t figured it out yet.

But I also realized that although my efforts didn’t bring expected results, they pushed me in the right direction. I have fun growing my Pinterest following, and I plan to continue using this strategy.

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