You may wonder how Amazon Prime can be a productivity tool, but it has actually been a huge time saver for me since I started using it last Christmas. It all started during those stressful days just before the Holidays, when I realized that I have zero time to go look for presents. This is when I turned to the Internet, and started with Amazon since it’s reliable and has the largest selection of anything you can think of.

Saved Hours on Christmas Shopping

Amazon Prime BoxesMy biggest concern was that the presents will not get shipped on time, and this is usually the reason why I normally avoid ordering time-sensitive stuff online. But, this time Amazon had “guaranteed delivery”, and, even better, Prime members could order their presents just 2 days before Christmas, for free! This was an amazing deal, and I decided to try their 30 day free trial. My plan was to get the Christmas presents shipped and then cancel the Prime membership.

Everything worked like a charm and the presents were delivered on time by UPS. Thinking back on this experience, I realized that all the previous years I would spend days looking for presents to my family members. This year I got everything covered in just a few hours, without leaving my home. The huge selection of pretty much anything you can think of made it extremely easy to find good matches for everyone.

Put Your Everyday Shopping on Auto-pilot

Then I realized one thing. Amazon has everything I need and some more. It’s not just books, iPhone cases, and the like. Water filters, ink cartridges, shampoos, power tools, make-up, desk chairs – anything that you will ever need, big or small, is there. With zero shipping costs and fast two day delivery, I can automate most of my everyday shopping. There is no minimum order size, meaning that I can order a box of matches and get it shipped for free. The time saving can be huge.

So I decided to keep the Prime membership. Now I only go shopping for groceries or when I am in the mood for it. Everything else is ordered, and re-ordered, from Amazon. I can put my time and energy on more meaningful things I want to do in my life.

Another side-effect of the Prime membership is unlimited free movies and TV shows. I have Netflix but noticed that Amazon has a different selection, which has widened my available choices. This was not the reason I decided to keep Prime, but it’s a plus. Another thing that is included in the membership that I have not yet tried is that you can borrow e-books for free.

I suggest that you go and try Amazon Prime for yourself. After all, you have nothing to loose and so much to gain! Thanks for reading, I hope this can help you get you more productive.

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