Last Friday was my last day at my day job. Yes, I did something that is generally considered a bad move: I quit my job before having a stable business that can generate a steady income. Today is Monday, June 1st of 2015, and it is the first day of my new life as an entrepreneur. 

It may appear insane to some people to leave a management position with a six figure salary, but to me, having an extra 10 hours a day that I could invest in myself was more valuable than the money. Money doesn’t have any value in itself. It only becomes useful to us when we can exchange it for something like experiences. Money can come and go. The only resource that is non-renewable is time. If you waste time there is no way to get it back. This was my reasoning and motivation behind this decision.

The worst thing that can happen is that my business fails and I will have to go back to work for someone else. And that would be totally fine because I will go back knowing that I have given it my best. The only things we tend to regret in life are the things we never did. I knew that if I would not try it now I would regret it later.

Of course, this would never be possible without having a very supportive family and a secondary source of income. I am very grateful for this opportunity and realize that not everyone can afford to leave the day job in this way.

I decided to start this blog as a journal, to have a place where I can collect my thoughts and reflections. I am not sure where it will go, but I am thinking of splitting it into different categories, for daily activities and things that I learn. I am planning to do a lot of reading and research because I have never been in this role and will need a lot of advice.

I hope to write daily, or at least several times a week. My plan is to make daily progress, and if I manage to make progress, I will have something to report.

Setting up this blog

Most of today was spent on setting up this blog. In the beginning, I was planning to just have a basic WordPress install with a free theme, to get it up and running fast. But then, of course, I felt tempted to tinker with it, and that took several hours.

I created a custom banner, favicon, and a child theme so that I can easily make edits without overwriting the parent theme.

Taking an inventory of my life

The next step will be to take a complete inventory of my life, and catalog every project that I have on my non-existing to-do list. The reason why I want to start here, instead of jumping to, say, writing business plans or creating social media strategies, is that I need to have everything in my life organized and under control before jumping head on to the next project.

When I was working for my former employer, the day job took a large chunk of my life and many days I didn’t have any energy to do anything or even think and plan anything. All these small and large projects were lingering in my mind, without getting a chance to be dealt with. This gave me a lot of stress and anxiety.

By going through all these todos, writing them down and cataloging them, I will have a clear picture of things that I want to get done. After that, I am going to put them on a schedule, so that I can deal with them one at a time.

Getting my home organized

Another project that I believe is extremely important, is to declutter my home. This is a very crucial piece of the puzzle, and cannot be overlooked. Never under-estimate the potential of a well-organized personal space. Chaos triggers stress and a feeling of hopelessness. On the contrary, being in a functional and clutter-free environment brings clarity of mind, the feeling of well-being, and a positive energy boost.

This is a very important step, that I am planning to do in parts, room by room. I have actually already started this weekend and organized my office. Since I will be working from home having a functional office is extremely important. I even hung up two frames that were standing in a corner for almost a year now.

In conclusion

I spent my first day feeling great, floating on cloud nine. I am very excited for this journey, and all the things I will learn and experience. I am inviting you to follow me and hope that you will get something out of it that will enrich your life.

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