Morning is probably the most important time of the day. It sets the tone for the rest of the day, and determines if your day will be successful or not that successful. How many times does it happen that our bad mornings ruin our whole day?

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Most people don’t realize that the morning is key to a productive day, and don’t take steps to improve it. They spend their mornings in chaos, usually waking up late and trying to catch up for the lost time. I’ve written about why it is so hard to wake up in the morning here.

How much time do you spend on your dreams and passions every day?

The main reason why I am on a mission to build a morning routine is that it can give me time to work on things that matter – to me.

If you are an everyday person with a day job, you spend most of your day achieving other people’s dreams. Eight hours of your day are dedicated to your employer – you help them grow their business. Then, you have family, kids, relatives and friends that require your time and attention. At the end of the day, have you done anything that is important – to you?

Morning time can be your only chance to work on your dream projects

My morning routine allows me to wake up early and spend two hours on things that are important to me. The quiet time of the morning, when the rest of the world is sleeping, can be the perfect distraction free environment to work on your dreams. Your mind is newly awaken and fresh, your focus is sharp.

As I mentioned in the previous article, waking up just 30 minutes earlier each day would give you an additional 1,680 hours in a period of 10 years. Well, I get two extra hours per day, which means 6,720 hours, or 280 days in 10 years. It is almost one extra year! Imagine getting an extra year every 10 years of your life?

Why is it important to have a morning routine?

The answer is simple: this is the only way you can stick to your new schedule. The mistake that most people make when they try to wake up early is that they use pure will power. This strategy works for a short period of time, but then the will power disintegrates and they fall back to their old habits. Note that I mention the word “habit”.

Habits are very powerful, because they allow us to do things effortlessly over a very long period of time. Habits are a double-edged sword though: it is extremely difficult to get rid of bad habits.

Right now you are trying to get rid of the bad habit of waking up late, and build the habit of waking up early and work on your important projects. A morning routine can help you break the old habit and build the new one.

Morning Routine puts our morning on auto-pilot

Instead of using will power and force ourselves to do things, we draft a script, or a ritual, that will make all the actions of the morning automated. The point is to not have to think about when to do things, and how to do them. When you think about these things, you start rationalizing, and can talk yourself out of doing them.

You need to skip the “thinking” part and jump straight to the “doing” part. Everything should be scripted, and by following the script to the point, every day, you will be building your new habit.

How to create your customized morning routine

I am going to share my own morning routine below, but let me stress the fact that morning routine is very personal, and should be crafted for you uniquely, based on your personal circumstances.

A good starting point in creating your own morning routine is to use mine as an example, and adapt it to your needs and circumstances.

Create the first draft of your ideal morning routine in a document, or on a piece of paper. Write down the tasks that you want to do, and the exact times for when you need to start on the task. When you test-run your routine the next day, make adjustments to your initial draft. You may need to tweak the times, or the order of the tasks. You may even need to add new tasks that you have missed. Make adjustments until your routine runs smoothly. Then stick to it.

My Morning Routine

Time Action
4.30 AM Wake up, brush teeth, and drink water
4.40 AM Shower and warm-up exercise
4.50 AM Get dressed
4.55 AM Brew morning beverage
5.00 AM Work on my most important task of the day
7.00 AM Eat breakfast
7.30 AM Get on with the rest of my day

Thank you for reading, I hope this article inspired you to take steps to achieving your dreams.

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