When I said that video content creation was taking much longer than expected, I didn’t know that it would take even longer! All in all, I spent several days working on this 2-minute video. And it’s not really a video – more like a slideshow with music. It’s mind-blowing.

My video is published

Last night I finally finished editing the video and uploaded it to YouTube. Also, I published the blog post that goes with the video on my fashion website. A lot of time was spent on creating a custom thumbnail for the video (that I re-used as a featured image for the article), and a YouTube channel art.

Social sharing towards the weekend

But that’s not all: I still need to post the video and blog post to all the social channels. I am going to do it on Friday, for two reasons: first, the social engagement is supposed to be higher towards the weekend on most of the social channels that I am targeting (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest). The second reason is: I just need a break and do something else – like other more important tasks on my list.

Content creation is hard work. Period.

My respect for all the successful bloggers and YouTubers has grown: now I realize how much work they are putting behind what seems to be just casual write-ups and “follow me around” videos. I feel a great sense of accomplishment, and I have learned quite a bit in the process. My video has already gotten plenty of views – a whole 2 (two) of them. Well, it’s just the beginning.

Already on the first page of Google!

One interesting discovery: the title of my video/blog post is very generic, and when I did a Google search for it, the blog post was nowhere to be found, of course. But, my video was right there – on the first page of Google, above “the fold”, and the first and only video result! This means that I was able to get to the first page on Google – not too bad.

House project update: framed wallpaper in the office

As part of my house refactoring project, I wanted to frame wallpaper into the two picture frames in the office. Last week I received the wallpaper that I ordered from Amazon and installed it into the frames. I am quite happy with the result:

Framed wallpaper on the wall in the office

Framed wallpaper on the wall in the office

The wallpaper has a wood board pattern, which adds a rustic vibe to the modern style of my office. The good news is that I only spent $40, and I have a whole roll of wallpaper left that I can use for other projects. I could, for example, cover a wall of a room with it – I’ve seen examples of it on Amazon and it looks very interesting. The wallpaper has a nice texture to it and would feel authentic on a wall. Here is a link to the wallpaper on Amazon.

Vintage Wood Panel Wallpaper

Vintage Wood Panel Wallpaper

In Conclusion:

Content creation is hard work, but something that I need to master if I want to build a successful business. Once I know the foundations of content creation and marketing, I will start optimizing and automating the process (and possibly outsourcing). I have taken notes after watching the video series on content creation.

The next step will be to put those notes into a step-by-step guide, that I can use for every piece of content that I publish. The guide will help me to do everything in the right order and make sure that I don’t miss any steps  – something that is easy to do since there are so many steps involved.



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