This is my simplified version of the weekly master plan, based on Peter Voogd’s presentation at Creative Live.

Productivity isn’t about doing more, faster – it’s about doing the right things, deliberately and with intention.

– Peter Voogd

Don’t start a week without a plan.

Weekly Plan

Step 1: Weekly Summary

Write a paragraph reflecting on your last week. Answer these questions:

  • What have you accomplished?
  • What were your top wins?
  • What worked, what didn’t work? Why?
  • Did you follow through on your word last week?

Step 2: Priorities

Write down your top priorities. Put the hardest things first on your list. Do the hard profit producing activities first.

  • What are the top 3 profit producing activities that I need to be doing this week, no matter if I feel like it or not?

Step 3: Non-Negotiables

Decide what things you can’t sacrifice no matter how busy you are. These are things that are important to you long-term, based on your core life values. It can be taking care of your health, spending time with family, or just making sure to have fun every day.

  • What are your top 3 non-negotiables?

Step 4: Networking

Work on strengthening your personal and professional network every week.

  • What people do I need to reach out to this week?
  • Who can help me reach my goals faster?
  • Who am I committed to serving this week?


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